FDI Statistics

This section provides some basic statistics on FDI. The terminology used in FDI statistics can be confusing; see this Glossary for a primer on the terms used.

Because this toolkit is intended for local EDOs trying to understand FDI opportunities, the following types of data are shown below to provide trend information:

  • Flow (transaction) data for the most current year available
  • Change in position/stock data over the last few years

Total U.S. FDI Flow

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U.S. (inward) FDI flow/transactions have been up significantly in recent years.

U.S. FDI Flow by Mode of Entry  

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The vast majority of inward FDI is from acquisitions.

Note: BEA defines “Greenfield” as “Establishments” plus “Expansions” (Glossary)

U.S. FDI by Sector

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Cumulative stock or position by sector:

Growth trends in FDI by sector:


U.S. FDI  by Industries within the Manufacturing Sector

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Chemicals is the largest and fastest growing recipient of FDI in manufacturing

FDI by Investing Region and Country

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FDI Stock by Region:

  • Europe was the largest investor region in 2017.
  • Asia/Pacific and Canada were also significant investor regions.


FDI Stock by Region Over Time:


Growth trends among countries:

FDI Stock by Region and Sector – Over Time:

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About SelectUSA

SelectUSA is the only federal-level program dedicated to facilitating and promoting foreign investment in the United States. Housed within the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, SelectUSA also raises the awareness of the critical role that foreign direct investment plays in the U.S. economy.

SelectUSA works with foreign firms seeking to expand to the U.S. and with economic development organizations seeking to attract foreign investment. SelectUSA services include:

  • Providing information and counseling to firms and EDOs
  • Providing platforms to directly connect foreign firms and EDOs
  • Helping foreign firms and EDOs understand and demystify federal rules and regulations
  • Providing investment project advocacy support to EDOs

SelectUSA Data

For in-depth national and state-level FDI statistics, see SelectUSA data tool

FDI in the U.S. Fact Sheet provides information such as:

  • Graphic of jobs by state
  • U.S. FDI 2012 to 2016 (position and flow*)
  • Top 15 sources (countries) of FDI position* for 2016
  • Fact sheets for 46 individual investor countries


Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

About BEA Data

  • BEA is primary source of data for U.S. FDI statistics
  • See Glossary for commonly used FDI-related terms

Navigation of the BEA website to find useful data tables

  1. “Data” tab
  2. “by Topic”
  3. “International Trade & Investment” https://www.bea.gov/data/intl-trade-investment
    • “Direct Investment by Country and Industry”
    • “Activities of U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Multinational Enterprise (MNEs)”
    • “New Foreign Direct Investment in the United States”


fDi Intelligence and fDi Markets

About fDi Intelligence and fDi Markets

fDi Intelligence, fDi Magazine, and fDi Markets are products from the Financial Times that monitor global FDI activity. fDi Intelligence (online portal) and fDi Magazine provide coverage on global FDI trends and analysis of locations and growing sectors. A modest annual subscription provides unrestricted access to an archive or articles and reports. fDi Markets is a subscription database that “tracks greenfield investment and expansions globally… across all markets and sectors” and also includes an “Investor Signal Module,” which “tracks companies planning to invest abroad BEFORE they decide where to invest.” fDi Reports provides a catalog of standard reports for purchase about FDI in specific sectors, countries, or companies, and also offers customized reports.


Brookings Global Cities Initiative

About Brookings Global Cities Initiative

Thirty-two U.S. metro areas participated in the Brookings Global Cities Initiative, through which they created integrated export and FDI plans. This web page offers resources based on lessons learned by the participating metros.

Documents referred to on this page


Organization for International Investment (OFII)

About OFII

OFII is a non-profit business association in Washington, D.C., representing the U.S. operations of many of the world’s leading global companies, which insource millions of American jobs. OFII works to ensure the United States remains the top location for global investment.


Report: Foreign Direct Investment in the United States 2017

  • Provides statistics for 2017 based on BEA data


Bureau van Dijk

About Bureau van Dijk

Bureau van Dijk is a source of business intelligence that has some useful webinars and videos on demand, blogs, and white papers on its site. In particular, scroll down to the February 2018 webinar on “Assessing Global Trends in Foreign Direct Investment”


Invest in the USA (EB-5)

Invest in the USA (EB-5)

The EB-5 program is an increasingly important source of foreign investment. IIUSA, Invest in the USA, is a “national membership-based” not-for-profit association for the EB-5 Regional Center Program. Their members “account for a vast majority of capital formation and job creation in the U.S.” resulting from the EB-5 program.