Self Assessment

Regional economic development organizations should use these questions as an informal self-assessment in considering how to approach providing services to address the needs of investment prospects. Providing timely information, support, and relationship building contributes significantly to moving prospective investors to solid leads and, ultimately, to investors in the region.

  • What do we know about our existing service providers in the region and specifically what they can offer for potential foreign investors?
  • How well do our service providers work together so that the prospect has a seamless experience?
  • What can our region offer foreign prospects in the following areas?

       –Site selection or site readiness programs 

       –Assistance with permitting processes 

       –Assistance finding and qualifying possible workforce 

       –Assistance with training and/or certifying workers in required skills 

       –Assistance identifying and qualifying suppliers that can meet required standards

  • Which relevant prospect support services are available from local versus regional versus state sources and what is the status of our working relationship with those providers?
  • Overall, would we consider support services for potential investors a strength that our region should highlight in our engagements?
  • If not, what weaknesses might we address to make our region more competitive with regard to support services offered to prospects?