Self Assessment

Regional EDOs should use these questions as an informal self-assessment in considering how to approach leveraging, developing, and designing an aftercare program to attract FDI in the region.

  • What can our region offer foreign investors in the following areas:
    • Site selection or site readiness programs?
    • Assistance with permitting processes?
    • Assistance with finding, screening, training and/or certifying workers in required skills?
    • Assistance identifying and qualifying suppliers that can meet required standards?
  • What do we know about our existing service providers in the region’s ecosystem and specifically what they can offer foreign investors?
  • Which relevant services are available from local versus regional versus state or federal sources and what is the status of our working relationship with those providers?
  • How well do our service providers work together so that the client has a seamless experience?
  • How can we help foreign-owned enterprises get connected in our local communities?
  • What resources are available to dedicate to supporting new investors from foreign-owned enterprises?
  • How do the services we offer under the existing BRE program differ from what foreign-owned enterprises need? What additional or different aftercare services do we need to consider offering?
  • What weaknesses might we address to make our region more competitive?