Outreach and Marketing

In this section, ‘leads,’ ‘prospects,’ and ‘clients’ are different types of customers.

Leads are companies that may be interested in your region, but have not expressed a preference for expanding or re-locating or that have not yet indicated whether the area would qualify as a potential investment location.

Prospects are companies that have expressed a desire to make an expansion or relocation investment, but have not yet indicated that they are interested in the local area as a potential preferred location for that investment.

Clients are companies are already located in the community or that have entered into an agreement with the community to locate there in exchange for an incentive or some other benefit.

The regions recognized as effective in outreach and marketing for FDI have clearly defined their assets, particularly sector and sub-sector strengths, to distinguish themselves from other regions. A region’s recognition of sub-sector specializations can enable strategic outreach and marketing to attract foreign investments that complement existing strengths in the regional economy and foster growth.

The literature and interviews showed that the most common outreach and marketing efforts include the following practices. Regions employ these to ensure maximum exposure conveying a consistent message to targeted regions, industries, and companies. Click on the links below for more information on each.

Common Practices

Develop FDI outreach and marketing plan

Cultivate the region’s brand

Leverage partners to generate leads

Meet and assist leads and prospects


Additional Help

Self Assessment

Measuring Success

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