Recruiting Companies for Export Programs

To enhance the export performance of regional companies, EDOs and their partners must successfully recruit regional companies into their export assistance programs. Regional EDOs can play a valuable role in mobilizing and educating regional companies about international opportunities and export promotion programs.

This is an extremely important role, as companies are not adequately aware of export promotion programs and how to navigate them.” (See citations in the full IERC Final Report p. 56)

Potential Activities

  • Engage in outreach and marketing activities to recruit companies for specific export programs and services, including:
    • Events and conferences
    • Seminars/training (a service and a recruitment tool)
    • eblasts and eNewsletters
    • Individual outreach and company visits
    • Partner or multiplier referrals
    • Web presence and social media
  • Often these marketing activities are driven by recruitment for specific programs, such as tradeshows, trade missions, or events.
  • Individual outreach is critical for success for more intensive programs such as tradeshow and trade mission delegations


IERC Final Report: Many of the interviews highlighted the importance of collaboration in outreach and promotion among organizations in the export ecosystem, including promotion of each other’s events and programs, participation in joint company visits, and making referrals to partner services and programs. See the Case Example – Export Alabama Alliance.


IERC Final Report: Awareness of global opportunities and export programs is communicated with particular effectiveness by peer companies through testimonials, company-speaking opportunities at events, and success stories.