Measuring Success

Export Marketing and Outreach Practice and Most Common Metrics

This video features Larry Collins, Director of Office of International Commerce, for Louisiana Economic Development

Desired Business Outcomes for Export Promotion

  • Total value of new exports
  •  Share of SMEs that export
  •  Total number of jobs supported by increased export sales

Exporting Outreach and Marketing: Output Success Indicators

Metrics benchmark performance and drive improvements in the activities that a community undertakes. Following are the most common output metrics used to measure results for key categories of activities.  Practitioners may use these as a starting point to guide the selection of metrics that matter for their efforts.

Identify companies that can export

  • Number of identified exporters
  • Number of unique companies contacted though BRE visits, surveys, meetings

Recruit companies to participate in export programs and services

  • Number of company contacts (visits and phone) to discuss programs, events
  • Number of referrals

Please reference the 2018 SIDO, Virginia SBDC, George Mason University and the Council of State Government’s Defining Success: Meaningful Metrics to Evaluate U.S. State International-Trade Programs for more information on performance metrics.